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Here at ABCO Refinishing, we are so happy to make this information available to you, so that you will understand the concept of "ONE DAY REMODELING" or Resurfacing. This site was made to show the advantage of Resurfacing as a low cost alternative to conventional "tear out and replacement" remodeling. In fact, people have many misconceptions about refinishing. It is our hope that this web site will help you make a well informed, intelligent decision about weather or not refinishing is right for you.
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If you ask most homeowners,their first thought for remodeling their kitchen or bath is to completely renovate "tear out and replace" the room. Since kitchens and bathrooms are the only rooms that have fixed surfaces(ie.bathtubs,tile,cabinets and countertops) that are not easily replaced, the biggest challenges are in these rooms.
Resurfacing vs. Replacement
Complete remodeling usually involves fixture removal but also wall and floor tear out, then rebuilding the room from scratch with new materials. Although there are many benefits to this, the mess, inconvience and cost make this unaffordable for many of us. Fortunately there is a affordable way to do this without the inconvenience and cost of remodeling. This is called Resurfacing or Refinishing, and is one of the most cost effective ways to modernize, renew and add value to your home. The best part is that it can used in 1 to 2 days, instead of weeks.
Our process
Bathtub refinishing or reglazing a worn-out bathtub is a site intensive process. The first step is a proper cleaning. Bathtub refinishing involves masking the surfaces around the tub to protect from overspray and properly venting the bathroom to extract any odors. Our refinishers will use scent masking agents such as cherry, lilac, cinnamon etc. After we remove the caulk, our refinishers clean the bathtub with a delaminating solution that not only dissolves what's left of the porcelain glaze but also opens the surface pours to promote mechanical adhesion. Next, the refinisher washes away the delaminating solution and prepares the area and surface for spraying, He then sprays on 2 coats of a fast-drying aeorspace epoxy or verbinding primer along with a bonding agent to promote adhesion. Our bonding agent adds 500 percent adhesion the the surface. To finish, we give the bathtub a cleaning with a tack cloth to remove any dust particles or insects, and then spray three applications of a finish coat.
The whole process takes a single technician about three to four hours, depending on how extensive the repair is, but the tub needs to cure for a minimum of 4 hours before the water is turned on. A refinished bathtub will mimic the original surface in everyway except durability. It is a scientific fact that no coating or bathtub liner will be as hard as the original baked on porcelain enamel fired in a kiln so the most frequent and obvious question is why refinish? In order to answer this important question let view your options.
The answer is it makes economical sense. A properly refinished and maintained bathtub will last up to 20 years. At an average of $250 to $350 nationwide it is the most cost effective way to restore your bathtub
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